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Objectives of the Blog

The aim of this blog is to draw attention to the importance of language in business. I intend to do this it two ways:

1) Find business news stories which identify language as an important factor in the story. I will refer to stories that appear in the e-news media.

2) I will outline the main issues in the stories involving language. My aim is not to offer answers or solutions, but to ask questions that encourage debate.

What do I mean by language in business? And what is e-news media?

By language I mean issues that centre on the use of natural language or issues that are a consequence of language. For example: a web site that is being made available in many languages is not relevant for my purpose. A CEO who is fired because he or she does not have a particular language skill is interesting.

I will refer to news or stories that appear in free or freely available websites. For example: the news alert by Google, Yahoo or the sites of relevant organisations. I will not refer to academic journals or sources which are subscription based. The aim is to refer to front line news that is available to everyone with access to the internet. I will, of course, include a link to the relevant stories.

I do not propose to write an investigative blog so I will not go into the background of stories. Hence, I will assume the stories to be as is.

The story must have at least one of the following themes present: financial implications, business practices or ethical implications.

In my write ups I will highlight the facts of the story, a description of the language aspects of the story and the bottom line. The bottom line might identify a focal point of the story or an implication of the story. My comments and observations will focus at identifying issues, implications and ethical questions.

Finally, I would welcome any leads to stories which you think I should include in the blog.




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