A good soccer defender in any language

A good soccer defender in any language


Woodgate shows his true worth in any language
By Peter Jenson
© The Times February 18, 2006

Jonathan Woodgate's £13.4m transfer to Real Madrid has been greeted with amazement - a genuine move out of the blue.
By Alan Hansen
Story from BBC SPORT:
Published: 2004/08/20 15:05:11 GMT

Real Madrid defender, Jonathan Woodgate, is reported as saying that he has problems reading dossiers in Spanish given by his Spanish coach. Although the defender is trying to learn Spanish, he still needs help with any documentation.

The player is considered as one of the best in the game on the pitch.

-The player’s transfer to the Madrid team cost £13.4m.
- Real Madrid is considered an international club with a number of overseas players.

Language Issues:
- Are there certain professional activities where language is neither a necessary nor a sufficient condition?
- Shouldn’t an international company (club) that employs international players have a standard international language? Is this possible?
- Does a lack of skills in languages, in an international setting, reduce one’s professional effectiveness?
- Are there language depended professions and language independent professions?

- How serious is this lack of direct communication between players and coach? Is there an impact factor on the team’s performance?
- How realistic is it to expect people to learn the language of the country they work in, especially if they move from country to country in pursuit of their career?

Is there an impact to clubs if players can or cannot speak the language of their home base? Can this impact be modelled and financially estimated?

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