Communicating for money

Communicating for money


Leadership and communication top City 'must have' skills poll
Author: Georgina Fuller
Monday 29 May 2006
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A poll by recruiting company, Badenoch & Clark, found that “excellent communications” skills were the most important factor for a career in finance.

+34% (n=300) financial services employees chose communication skills as the most important feature.

Language Issues:
- Language is a powerful tool and one of the best means we have to influence people. When used properly, it can benefit everyone.
- Misuse of language can easily create doubt and misunderstanding. Hence, a failure in communications.

- How much does personality and character affect good communications?
- Using language properly is one thing, having communication skills is another, but what about having something to communicate and talk about? How important is content?
- How much is bad communication due to bad content?

What is the difference to a company’s bottom-line between bad communication and good communication ?

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