Read it again, Jeong

Read it again, Jeong

South Korea

English Newspaper Vital for Mastering TOEIC
Jul 11, 2006
By Park Chung-a
Staff Reporter


Mr Jeong Sang-ho is my hero. Not because he has perfect scores for 14 TOEIC tests, nor because he is an English teacher like me but because he know how to learn English.

Jeong’s secret is reading newspapers and magazines because they have up to date common use English. Memorising grammar does not help. Enjoying what you’re doing does help.

- 14 TOEIC tests with perfect score.
- Jeong is an English teacher, 31 years old.

Language Issues:
- English works through our sub-conscious memories. Trying to memorise grammar does not help, because it is a vocabulary based language and not a rules based language.
- With English, you either know it or you don’t. There are very few opportunities to deduce structure or meaning from rules.
Reading provides the learner with a wide exposure to vocabulary, style and of course grammar structures.

- Enjoying what you are doing when learning English, or any other language, it is so important that boring books and teachers should be banned from meeting students.
- If you want to learn English you just have to read.
- Find time to read.

If you are not reading, your are not learning.


Freddie Sirmans said...

Just browsing the internet, you have a very, very interesting blog.

Lawrence said...

Thanks Freddie for your kind comment. I have not been able to keep up to day due to unexpected work pressure and a bad health. Should be able to do more things in the near future.