Learning Disabilities Associated With Language Problems Later In Life


Learning Disabilities Associated With Language Problems Later In Life

ScienceDaily (2008-02-13) -- Individuals with a neurodegenerative condition affecting language appear more likely to have had a history of learning disabilities than those with other types of dementia or with no cognitive problems, according to a new article.


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The more we learn about how we function, especially brain related functions, the less need we have for value judgement words such as good, bad, and in this case lazy, incompetent, ignorant, thick and so on. I think this article shows us why.

On a more political note, maybe all those school league tables so beloved by government in Britain and elsewhere, may now be put to good use by identifying the special needs of those at the bottom of the list rather than bestowing excessive privileges to those at the top. This does not mean those conform to the system should not be rewarded, but that the top group are not the only group who deserve our attention. As a society we just cannot afford to abandon part of our members.

Finally, this research shows once again that language is more than just words and grammar, but that language is more important than we care to think.


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