Communication is also part of the business

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August 07-08-11

Kevin Strehlo, Senior Vice President, Global Client Services

PowerMark, San Juan Capistrano, CA


Some very useful tips on communication appear in this section of Business Week:

Think Easy Number, Not Easy Phrase

<Vanity telephone numbers, those numbers which are made up of words instead of numbers, do not work with modern telephones.>

Blog to the Bloggers

<Companies should not expect customers to be impressed with their blog, but they will if other bloggers mention the company, company's products or the company's blog.>

The Benefits of an Expert Newsletter

<With so many blogs, emails and other digital communication, newsletters through the post are making a comeback.>


Communications are a changing and dynamic feature of business. Keeping up with new thinking and developments in business communication can be very useful. Sometimes the small things that seem insignificant might have a positive impact greater then what one might expect.

Bottom Line

Communications is also part of the business.

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