Vrbl Comm C'crn

Vrbl Comm C'crn
Verbal Communication Concern


Texting surge raises communication worries
NEW YORK, May 30 (UPI)
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There is concern that mobile phone texting will replace our verbal communication skills. This is believed to affect the younger generation even more. Verizon expects some 2.3 trillion messages will be sent worldwide in 2010.

- 500 billion messages were sent in 2005 worldwide.
- Girls bond better than boys.

Language Issues:
- Texting or SMS, it can be argued, has evolved language to a more efficient means of communications. Having to write messages in 256 characters (at the beginning of the service) made people become creative with language.
- It seems that not only people can adapt to the channel of communication available to them, but also language itself; at least English. Some people can still remember the telegram service.

- How much of this projected texting would be a waste of money and resources?
- Even if we allow for those messages that are a waste of time and money, that is still a lot of communication.
- What are the costs and profits of all this texting?

How much can your business save by sending text messages to employees?

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