We’re all B-Lingual

We’re all B-Lingual


Corporal communication: Your posture and gestures speak volumes
By Janea Philip
Posted on Tue, Jun. 13, 2006
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Non-verbal communication is not only more effective, but also it represents some 80% of our communication.
Lillian Buchanan, who trains nurses, has some useful advice on body language especially during interviewing.

Eye contact is one of the most effective forms of non verbal communications. Mannerisms can also get in the way. Basically, think before you say anything.

- some 80% of our communication is non verbal.

Language Issues:
- Can we separate the means of communication with the message we are trying to communicate?
- How much does the means of communication influence the meaning of what we’re trying to say?
- If we can control our natural body language, wouldn’t people pick up on this sooner or later? Wouldn’t we lose any advantage we might have had?
- How long does it take us to figure out that people are controlling their natural language?

- No doubt that both natural language and body language are the product of evolution, however, why has natural language become so prominent in humans?
- Does gender and culture make a difference to the message we receive from body language?

If we control our body language would that be the same as lying?

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