Woof! Woof! Bow Wow!

Woof! Woof! Bow Wow!


Foreign police dogs hit language barrier
June 16, 2006
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Sydney Morning Herald.

Shortage of British dogs leaves police tongue-tied
By Paul Stokes
Telegraph Group Limited
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British police are having to learn the language of their police dogs they obtain from abroad because the dogs don’t understand commands in English. Interpreters have to be used when giving commands and police have to learn the commands in the dog’s language. The dogs are also being taught to understand commands in English.

- Eight of South Yorkshire Police's 48 dogs are from abroad.
- Some dogs are obtained from such countries as
Slovakia, Holland and Belgium.

Language Issues:
- A common language can help people understand each other better.
- Is there a difference between functional understanding, knowing what to do, such as sit, and understanding the message we are being given, we mustn’t move?

- Another instance where globalisation requires a global language.
- This is not exactly a business story, but this is probably the first time a master had to learn his dog’s language.
- How practical is this in a business? In this case “the boss” had to learn “the employees” language for practical purposes. How much would the pride factor, if not the superiority complex, have influenced the situation had it been between people?

Having a common language can get things done more efficiently.

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