Car Trouble

Car Trouble


How to Communicate for Better Automotive Service
National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence

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Good Communication Vital to Auto Repairs
Thursday, June 1, 2006
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A poll of ASE certified car mechanics found that good communication between customer and mechanic can help the repair process go smoothly. Car repair is a two way communication process. ASE experts advice customers to read the car manual, follow service schedules and keep a log book of repairs. Once at the garage ask questions, prepare a list of problems and be prepared to describe symptom plus other advice.

- The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) was founded in 1972 as a non profit organisation for improving quality service and repairs.
- According to the poll, people over 60 were amongst the most conscientious in car care.

Language Issues:
- Being informed (read the manual) is as important as being informative (describe the symptoms).
- Once again, this story reinforces the importance of questions as a tool of communication.
- How do we establish what questions to ask and what are the right questions to ask for our purpose?
- How do we know what information we need in order to make an informed decision?

- The article says that sometimes customers have to speak to a service consultant rather than the mechanic themselves. How does this affect the channel of communication? How does this affect the information the customer receives and the mechanic receives?
- People over sixty, might have more time to do the homework, as the article suggest. However, how much of this is also due to the fact that some might have limited financial resources, which creates pressure in getting right the first time.

How much is a good communication channel with customers worth for a service company, such as a car service company? Public Relations, loyalty, word of mouth referrals, good testimonials and so on.

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