Poor Communication with prospective employees

Poor Communication with prospective employees


Recruiters risk losing staff to rival because of poor communication
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Companies are losing prospective employees who are suitable for their company because they don’t communicate the whole value of their benefits package. And prospective employees are reluctant to ask for details about the benefits.

- average non-cash benefits for employees can be 15% of their salary and 30% for senior executives.

Language Issues:
- language can only communicate what we want to say.
- inhibitions, a sense of intimidation or social norms can determine what we say.

- is this failure by companies to fully inform job candidates about the value of the benefits intentional or a lack of professionalism?
- is the failure by prospective employees to ask about benefits due to interview norms or a feeling of intimidation? Could it be that candidates do not feel they are negotiating as equals and therefore do not ask about this sensitive subject. (Head in the sand syndrome.)

How much does it cost a company not to recruit the right employee?

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